Courtney Anne Chu

"I think every color goes together, or at least I make them."

Courtney’s designs don’t so much defy description as render it unnecessary. If you’ve ordered one of her uniquely printed and/or repurposed pieces – you already know they are each visually striking, and fun and comfy to wear.

As an Industrial Design major at Carnegie Mellon University, Courtney honed her technical skills focusing on wearability and sustainability.  Her first day job as a product designer for children’s fashion and accessories brought her to Chicago and introduced her to innovations and inspirations from around the world.  

Forget clichés about “professional approach” and “DIY attitude”. It is Courtney’s intuitive aesthetic which makes her creations special. She knows that girly doesn’t have to mean pink and frilly, and that cool and comfortable doesn’t mean sweatpants.

Each courtneycourtney piece is versatile and comfortable at play and at rest. Courtney loves to know that someone receives and wears a piece with the same excitement she felt while designing it.


To continue the stories of clothing.  Let's adventure!


DRESSES, stripes, cotton, sunshine, popcorn, ballet, bread and butter, whiskey, boots, Thursdays, thrifting without time limits


upon request